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Flagship Location Only: 7501 Woodbine Ave., Unit 4B
Markham, ON L3R 2W1

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A purely sensory experience

Pamper all your senses from our all-natural treatments inspired by ancient Chinese traditions. It will truly revitalize your body, soul and mind.

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Rejuvenate your beauty

Over time, natural aging, sun exposure, and loss of collagen will cause your skin to look dull and lifeless. At Water Q Spa, we will help you to rejuvenate your skin and regain your youth.

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Your wellness destination

Water Q Spa offers a truly relaxing atmosphere where you can discover and explore relaxation, balance and beauty for your body and mind.

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About Seperator shadow

About Water Q Spa

Water Q Spa is the creation for the ones whom pursuit a quality, healthy life in Toronto.
We are committed to provide a truly relaxing experience tailored for your specific needs.
Water Q Spa infuses ancient Chinese traditions with modern day treatments;
a place to ease tensions, seek relaxation and prepare yourself for a totally rejuvenating experience.

Our Services

Sauna Rooms

Jade Room 玉石房

When our body contacts with jade, the jade will emit a large number of far-infrared light waves and penetrate to the body to 3 cm in the form of water wave. It helps accelerate vasodilatation and the blood flow, so that the microcirculation of our body is improved. It also helps eliminate body waste, lower blood pressure and fat, thereby achieving the results of anti-inflammatory, detumescence, recovery from illness and calmness. According to the test report from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Hematology, it shows that the far-infrared can make skin microcirculation blood flow to be increased by 80% -114% in 20 minutes. If we use Jade physical therapy frequently, it can effectively help prevent getting cold and flu. It also helps relieve the headache caused by cervical spine, lumbar spine, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis disease as well as the body ache, joint pain, numbness and other symptoms.

The effectiveness of Jade Room: Clear mind, detoxification, radiation resistance, longevity

玉接觸人體後, 以水波紋的形式放射的大量遠外紅外線光波能透入人體3cm, 加速血管擴張,提高血液流速,使人體微循環得到有效改善,消除體內垃圾,降壓,降脂,從而達到消炎退腫,鎮痛祛病,養心利肺,寧心安神之功效。中國醫學科學院血液病研究所檢測報告顯示,遠紅外线可以讓肌膚微循環的血液流量在20分鐘內提高80%-114%。經常使用在玉石理療,能有效排除風寒濕熱外邪,對於頸椎,腰椎,骨质增生及風濕性關節炎疾病引起的頭痛,周身酸痛,關節酸痛,麻木等症狀宥明顯的改善作用。

玉石的功效: 醒腦益智,排毒養顏,抗擊輻射,延年益壽

Maifan Stone Room 麥飯石房

The Maifan Stone we use in Maifan Stone room is a new species of precious medical resource. It is a natural healing stone which has a peculiar effect. When it is placed under high temperature, it generates the beneficial microelements to human body. Moreover, its chemical reaction with our skin will increase the skin cell activity and keep our face glowing with vitality. It can also help increase oxygen, exclude undesirable substances from our body, relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation. Meanwhile, Maifan Stone can promote metabolism and improve microcirculation, especially for female who wants to increase skin elasticity and smoothness. If we put a special medicine together with the Maifan Stone in a hot and humid bathing room, it will release different molecules which are effective in eliminating bacteria in our body and keep us beautiful.

The effectiveness of Maifan Stone Room: increase the body resistance, help weight loss, reduce stress and relieve symptoms of diabetes /heart disease, neurological disorders, etc.

麥飯石房所用的麥飯石新種珍貴的藥石資源,它是一種功效奇特的天然藥石, 它在高溫的作用下,能產生出對人體有益的微量元素,能與皮膚粘膜發生作用,使皮膚細胞活性增強,使臉色和皮膚充滿光澤和活力。它具有增氧、排除體內不良 物質, 解除疲勞,促進血液循環。同時 / 麥飯石可增進新陳代謝改善微循環,特別 對女性朋友增加皮膚彈性及光滑度去皺 具有明顯效果。同時在高溫高濕的浴 室內 放置特製的中藥,釋放不同的分 子,更能對人身體起到殺菌美容的作用。

功效: 增加人体抵抗力,对减肥、 減压、糖尿病\心脏病、神经失调等病具有卓越療效

Volcanic Rock Room 火山石房

The rock we use in the Volcanic Rock Room is the lava magma erupted from the volcanic activity and form in the shape stone with rough surface and covered with holes. It is rich in sodium magnesium aluminum, silicon, calcium,, titanium, manganese, iron, nickel, cobalt molybdenum and other dozens of minerals and trace elements. When it is heated with high temperature, it will release a lot of heat energy and infrared ray which contain a stronger energy magnetic field that promotes cell metabolism, open up blood congestion, modulate the digestive system, burn excessive fat and detoxify.

The effectiveness of Volcanic Rock Room: Enhance tissue regeneration capacity, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, improve week blood, improve immune function, prevent illness, delay aging and help maintain beauty and weigh loss.

火山石房是採用火山噴發後的岩漿形成的石頭火山石建造而成,火山表面非常粗糙佈滿小孔,富含有鈉鎂鋁,矽、 鈣、、鈦、錳、鐵、鎳、鈷和鉬等幾十種礦物質和微量元素,經過高溫加熱後可以釋大量熱能和紅外線並含有較大的能量磁場,可以促進細胞的新陳代謝、打通壅塞的血液、調治消化系統、燃燒多餘脂肪,起到排毒養顏強身健體的功效。

功效: 增强组织再生能力,促进血液循环,改善微循环,改善血液呈弱性,提高免疫功能,祛病健身 延級衰老、美容减肥的神奇功效

Loess Room 黄土房

The Loess Room is constructed with natural loess and charcoal. They are the most fundamental natural element on earth. Loess contains a large amount of organic matter and microbial elements. Charcoal room contains a large number of negative ions that would help people get away from fatigue because of the daily life contact with electromagnetic radiation (such as mobile phones, computers, television, etc.) In the meantime, it is especially effective in help people recover from cold symptoms, beriberi and prevent any dermatitis. During the steaming, the negative ions generated from the charcoal will penetrate into human body, naturally. Not only can it help regulate the nerve system, improve brain function, enhance myocardial function, lower blood pressure, also it can speed up the metabolism, eliminate toxins, activate the body cells, eliminate skin inflammation, enhance skin elasticity, and encourage the recovery from burns, ulcers and other trauma.

The effectiveness of Loess Room: promote circulation, adjust body balance , enhance microcirculation, increase metabolism, improve immune system, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, relieve shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain and other symptoms.

採用天然的黃土、木炭建造而成, 天然或土是構成自然界的最基礎的物質之一, 原質黃土中含有大量的有機物和微生物元素。木炭房含有大量的負離子,它將消除人們在現代生活中因電磁波的輻射(如手機、電腦、電視等)產生的疲勞,同時對恢復冷症、神經痛、 腳氣、預防各種皮膚炎有特別療效在汗蒸時,木炭房產生的負離子很自然的滲透到人體內,不但可以調節人的神經系統,改善大腦皮層功能,增強心肌功能,降低血壓,而且能夠加速新陳代謝,排除體內毒素、活化人體細胞、消除皮膚炎症,增強皮膚的彈性,對燒傷、潰瘍及其它外傷治療也有輔助療效。

功效: 促进人体湘液循环、调整肌体平衡 增进新陈代謝改善微循环提高人体的免疫力 消除疲労及改善睡眠,舒缓肩膀酸痛、腰痛,關節痛等症狀。

Salt Room 盐房

The salt room is built with Pakistan deep mineral salts which are the underground mineral and fossil sea salt crystal generated 280 million years ago. The salt crystal contains 84 kinds of beneficial elements to human body. When it contacts with light, it will release mineral, negative ions and microorganism. The salt room is an ideal place for human to absorb these elements.

The effectiveness of Salt Room: promote immune balance, antibacterial and antiviral, enhance immune system, skin whitening, relieve pharyngitis and asthma and improve sleep quality.

建造盐晶化石能量屋所用的巴基斯坦深井礦物盐,是2亿8千万年前将地底的矿物,海合而形成的盐水晶化石,含有84种对人體益的微量元素,经过灯光的照射会释放矿物质 負離子及微生物。 在空氣中的微咸的盐屋中,這些有益元素都是人體最為理想的摄入。

功效: 促进免疫平衡, 抗菌抗病毒、增强人体的免疫力、美白肌膚,治疗哮喘及咽炎,提高睡眠质量。

Water Q Spa, is an urban retreat, a possibility, as well as

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